Beware of Scammers!

There are currently a lot of scammers on Facebook etc who are pretending to either be running events or part of current events and asking for potential stallholders to send money.

They are usually from people with few likes or followers and with bad grammar and incorrect spelling but us good hearted normal people will sometimes fall for them.  They may get very rude and abusive if you start to question them as well.

If you see a post purporting to be from Ruby’s Vintage Fair or Dolly’s Artisan Fair and it’s not from the official site or from either of your two organisers, then please do let us know.  You could also check with the venue to make sure this is a proper event that has been booked with them.

The other thing they do is to pretend to be selling tickets that are no longer needed – and the event is not one that requires tickets so beware of that scam as well.

Stay Safe Out There!

Scam Alert


Published by

Lyn Mistry

Lyn is co-founder of Ruby's Vintage & Retro Fair. She also sells vintage costume jewellery, clothes and accessories at various vintage fairs. She spends some of the year in sunny Arizona which is a prime spot for sourcing great vintage - the English accent goes down a treat! Lyn runs the Fair with Yvonne who took early retirement from an international career in the perfume industry.