Another Summer Scorcher at Millets Farm Centre

What are the chances of having the same weekend at the same venue with the same scorching weather?  Well, it happened again at our 2 day event at Millets Farm Centre near Abingdon.

Our marquee was as open to the elements as we could make it but the heat was frankly stifling – our stallholders stuck it out manfully and the visitors went outside for a breather in the shade and then went back in again.

Steve Conway sang in the sun all day and you could hear his dulcet tones echoing around the Millets site adding to the perfect summer occasion.

We were up against the England v Sweden match on Saturday so it was a little quiet in the afternoon with only the shouts of excited stallholders and organisers following on their phones and tablets.

Overall we had an amazing weekend with some lovely compliments from our visitors – we are always open to feedback so please don’t feel shy about making suggestions.  We already have ideas on making the changing gazebo a little more welcoming if the weather is the same and also adding some fans if the system will take it.

Thank you to all our visitors , we were pleased to see that lots left with bags of goodies.  Please do post pictures on our Facebook page so we can see what you bought.

And of course thank you to our stalwart stallholders and the Millets Farm staff.  And thank you to the cows for providing us with some exciting moments during the weekend but that’s another story

Same time next year?