Next on the Agenda…

And we’re on to the next event!  Ruby’s Vintage Village at Millets Farm Centre near Abingdon on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July.

We’re having a planning meeting on site today and hoping that our luck with good weather holds – do you remember the huge marquee we used to have a few years ago and how hot it was in there?

We’re outside now in our own gazebos but keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.  If you are interested in taking a selling space with us for this fun and busy weekend, email for more information

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Lyn Mistry

Lyn is co-founder of Ruby's Vintage & Retro Fair. She also sells vintage costume jewellery, clothes and accessories at various vintage fairs. She spends some of the year in sunny Arizona which is a prime spot for sourcing great vintage - the English accent goes down a treat! Lyn runs the Fair with Yvonne who took early retirement from an international career in the perfume industry.