Heads Up for Saturday 30th November at Abingdon Guildhall

Just to let you’all know that Stert Street in Abingdon (the road that leads up to the old entrance of the Guildhall from Vine Street traffic lights) is closed from 11.30am to 1pm to accommodate a Christmas parade!

So if you are planning on visiting us, best to arrive early or late or, best of all, plan your route and your parking accordingly

There will be lots going on in the Market Square so an added bonus!

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Lyn Mistry

Lyn is co-founder of Ruby's Vintage & Retro Fair. She also sells vintage costume jewellery, clothes and accessories at various vintage fairs. She spends some of the year in sunny Arizona which is a prime spot for sourcing great vintage - the English accent goes down a treat! Lyn runs the Fair with Yvonne who took early retirement from an international career in the perfume industry.