A Sad Goodbye to Hastings






We are extremely sad to be writing this post but Ruby’s won’t be back at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings this August.
Whilst we’ve had a blast over the past couple of years in this great little town which is full of vintage and quirkiness, and we’ve enjoyed working with the local vendors and the team at the White Rock, the fact that we were only able to manage 10 stallholders back in August means that there was a lot of disappointment all round. 
Don’t get us wrong, the 10 that were there made an amazing display but having advertised 30 plus stalls as per our previous event, we felt that we could not bring this Ruby’s back to the kind of vintage event that we wanted it to be or that the venue, the stallholders, the town and our vintage loving visitors deserved.
Being based so far away, we don’t have the local contacts and felt that we were unable with our current workload along with other commitments this time of the year, to give this particular event the time and the effort required to make it a success so  we’ve declined the offer of another event there…
However… there is a possibility that another vintage fair will take over our slot having had their very nearby venue increase their prices  so we are getting the two parties together now and hoping it will be a good match. 
We’ll keep an eye on things and report back…
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