Life in Vintage #11 – More Arizona Vintage

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(Lyn) You may know that I am lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in the USA, mainly Arizona and you may have read my thoughts on vintage in Arizona in a previous post.

Well, just recently I had the chance to visit one of the area’s main vintage events called Junk in the Trunk which was held at a big exhibition centre in Scottsdale called West World.  This is more normally used for equestrian and Western events but lends itself to other kinds of events as well.

It had been advertised widely as the area’s Premier Vintage Fair and I had high hopes of an amazing event so I dragged the old man along (well, it was my birthday!) for the short drive there.

Parking cost $5.00 and entry was $8.00 and involved wristbands and close examination thereof….

There were lots of excited females having their photo taken in front of the big signs and already queues for the cold drinks and refreshments.  I suppose there were about 50 large inside spaces  and perhaps 10 outside spaces – I didn’t envy them at all with 3 days in the 90 degree heat.

Lots of eager shoppers were thronging the aisles mainly clutching shabby chic decorative items and that seemed to be the theme of the day.  There were some stalls selling  what I would call real vintage but not enough in my opinion to call it a “vintage fair” in the UK accepted sense of the word.

No one, apart from one stallholders who I had met at a previous event was dressed in any kind of vintage outfit – cut-offs and t shirts seemed to be the style, again totally unlike a UK vintage fair.

There was entertainment advertised and we arrived to a guy and a guitar singing country and western , but in that immortal phrase…. “he was no Steve Conway”

So a bit of a disappointment but I have no knowledge of how these events are on the East Coast and the West Coast where vintage seems to be more advanced.  Perhaps that’s a trip for another time….