Update on parking at High Wycombe


Alison visited Wycombe last Sunday and parking in the multi-storey car park adjacent to The Wycombe Swan was just £1 per visit on a Sunday. So, on the 17th, once you have unloaded, you can park here until it is time to pack up and it will only cost you £1 all day. Result!


And all you lovely visitors will have more money to spend at Ruby’s – great news all round!

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Lyn is co-founder of Ruby's Vintage & Retro Fair. She also sells vintage costume jewellery, clothes and accessories at various vintage fairs. She spends some of the year in sunny Arizona which is a prime spot for sourcing great vintage - the English accent goes down a treat! Lyn runs the Fair with Yvonne who took early retirement from an international career in the perfume industry.