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Life in Vintage # 12 – How to organise the “Perfect Event”

Strictly tongue in cheek  and for amusement you understand!

Things we have learnt from over 5 years of organising vintage fairs.

The Perfect Venue


The room should not be too big and cavernous so there is no atmosphere and there is metaphorical  tumbleweed rolling by during the lunchtime lull.  Neither should it have too many rooms as despite numerous signs, visitors will not be able to find them all.  It should not be in the middle of the town as there is too much else going on, neither should it be too far out of town for people to find. read more

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Life in Vintage #11 – More Arizona Vintage

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(Lyn) You may know that I am lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in the USA, mainly Arizona and you may have read my thoughts on vintage in Arizona in a previous post.

Well, just recently I had the chance to visit one of the area’s main vintage events called Junk in the Trunk which was held at a big exhibition centre in Scottsdale called West World.  This is more normally used for equestrian and Western events but lends itself to other kinds of events as well. read more

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Life in Vintage #6 – From Our Own Oriental Correspondent Yvonne Hockey

Is Vintage big in China?

In the land where the trend is to tear down everything old and build shiny new towers, is there any place for lovers of all things vintage?

The answer, as I found when I visited KTGA’a Vintage Winter Fest in my new home town of Shanghai last December, is clearly yes. KTGA ( organize several vintage events each year including fairs, music and a spectacular retro NYE party. read more

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Life in Vintage #5 – Hello from Alison


Hello, Alison here! Lyn’s new partner in Ruby’s.

Rather fortuitously, when Lyn asked me if I would be interested in joining Ruby’s as Yvonne, her previous business partner was relocating to Shanghai, I was about to take early retirement from my busy corporate job  so this gave me a new interest and a new venture. read more

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Life in Vintage #4 – Vintage on the Telly


What does everyone think of Dawn O’Porter’s series This Old Thing?

I have watched all the episodes and whilst I agree with trying to get more people into wearing vintage, I think that there is too much emphasis on 80s fashions plus she is making life way too complicated by drastically altering clothes to fit  – like the jacket we saw in Episode 2.  I think that will put new people off as making a relatively cheap item too expensive read more

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