Life in Vintage #4 – Vintage on the Telly


What does everyone think of Dawn O’Porter’s series This Old Thing?

I have watched all the episodes and whilst I agree with trying to get more people into wearing vintage, I think that there is too much emphasis on 80s fashions plus she is making life way too complicated by drastically altering clothes to fit  – like the jacket we saw in Episode 2.  I think that will put new people off as making a relatively cheap item too expensive read more

Life in Vintage #3 Bring Back The Brooch!

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There is a bit of a local campaign going on at the moment – Bring Back The Brooch!

Some like minded brooch lovers have got together informally to try and bring the brooch back into fashion.  Not just on a coat or a formal jacket, but everywhere including hats, handbags, tshirts, denim jackets, in fact anywhere that can be enhanced by a bit of sparkly or an elegant or quirky piece of jewellery. read more