The Sunniest Sandhurst Ever!

It is no secret that Ruby’s at Sandhurst Military Academy Heritage Open Day  was the biggest event that we have ever done in our “new” careers as Event Organisers and there was a lot of stress and sleepless nights ahead of Sunday 18th June.

However, when we turned up in the blazing sunshine on Saturday afternoon to view our gleaming white marquee at this beautiful site, we were relieved that a) it looked nice and b) all the tables fitted in.

Some of our lovely stallholders arrived as well to set up their stalls and we had plenty of conversations as to how it couldn’t get any hotter tomorrow….

It did!  So on the hottest day of the year, our marquee was full of people frantically trying to keep cool – only Jenni Lucas of the PopUp PinUp Studio had the foresight and the electrical socket to run a very efficient fan so we took it in turns to stand near her stall….

Despite the stifling conditions, our stallholders did us proud with an amazing display of very fine vintage and great retro.  The marquee seemed full most of the time and Chaps of Distinction who specialise in vintage gentlemen’s attire did very well selling tweed jackets and the like to the Officer Cadets.

Steve Conway sang his heart out for most of the day which added to the atmosphere and everyone enjoyed his performance including a lady who had him entertain at her wedding 13 years ago..

We have been asked back for next year and there are things that can be improved on – more going on at our end of the site,  perhaps some vintage cars parked outside, dancing demonstrations, and more awareness that vintage is available at this annual event.  So feedback will be given to the organisers and we welcome any comments from you.

It was a joy to work with the army for this very special event and we look forward to next year – I just hope it won’t be as hot…..


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